Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contest Time!

Hello daaaahlings!

OVER TWO HUNDRED FOLLOWERS? How did THAT happen??? Now THAT is an Accomplishment! Especially since I've been so bad at updating these days...

But to express my undying gratitude, it is time for a contest!

Look behind Door #3 for this VALUABLE prize!

Will it be:

A new electric oven and stove combo?


An Alumilux Water Heater?


The World's Ugliest Lamp?



Whatever that is... But No.

Behold... It's THIS!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is correct. The grand prize is A TUPPERWARE JEL-RING MOLD!

You will also receive a vintage 1940's JELL-O "cookbook"... and a sweet apron so you can serve your Jell-O in style!

And that's not all... You will also win a free made by me CD of special songs to serve Jell-O by!

What, you think you're done? Nope! I will throw in your very own BOX OF JELL-O! (Winner will get to choose the flavor.)

And Turtle Wax!

(Okay, not really on the Turtle Wax. But they always had it as a prize on game shows when I was little and I had NO idea what it was -- I thought it was to wax turtles. How bummed I was when I figured out it was for dumb old cars.)

What is all this worth, Monty? Well... about five dollars, but really, it's PRICELESS. Because not only can you serve Jell-O in this, you can make a MEAT RING, TOO!

Totally stolen from one of the best photostreams in the universe, Charm and Poise's Flickr.

Okay, here are the rules:

-- Leave me a comment on here, telling me one of YOUR Accomplishments. It can be anything from a Mother Teresa-like endeavor where you saved an entire village of starving kittens from drowning (to make the rest of us look bad) or simply getting out of bed this morning (which I barely did, so there you go).

--Spread the joy! Post it on your blog, your facebook, your Twitter, a billboard in your hometown... I don't care. But any of that would be awesome -- the more the merrier!

-- Sit tight! I will choose a winner at random on Monday, Feb. 28th at around 8pm PST.

-- And good luck!

Seriously, you guys -- thanks for following me and being so fabulous. I appreciate all of you... you're the wind beneath my wings. If I had wings.




Andy said...

I lied my way out of paying a year's worth of taxes while I was living in Taiwan, and made the policeman feel so sorry for me, he gave me a ride to the airport! I'm not allowed to go back, though..

Maria said...

I watched over 200 movies last year, many of which I had never seen before (or hadn't seen in years). Also, I'm trying to blog/write more frequently, which is sometimes a struggle!

(When I hit 200 followers, I'll have a giveaway, too (though it won't be as fun as yours)! Errr.. I just have 170 some followers to go, ha!)

*--*--*--* said...

I managed to be smiling and nice at my daughter's 4th birthday party, which was a big achievement given I had just had to have my beautiful 13 year old cat put down that morning and come straight from the vet's. Sorry to be a downer.

Shona-rama said...

I traveled to a new continent. With my elderly parents. For a month! We got along, had a terrific time, and I feel so lucky to have such a great relationship with them as an adult (and that we were still cracking each other up on the last day).

Megan said...

I actually like jell-o.

Gabriella said...

OhmygodIwanttowinthisonesoooobad! My accomplishment: I recently made a blouse with BUTTONS. Buttonholes are pretty much the scariest thing ever but I did it and they work and everything. I'm so proud. If I won this giveaway I would most definitely make a meat ring - or a delicious tomato aspic. Mmmm. Meat ring.

Anonymous said...

i ate an entire row of girl scout trefoils myself this week!!

Nina said...

Wow well I finally bought a Batgirl doll even if it meant spending more then I should lol

greenbeanbaby said...

hmmmm, i finally finished my business cards after nearly a decade!!! and with the earnings of some of my illustration jobs i was able to get us some san diego comic con tickets for our anniversary- and the kids are coming too... that was a big accomplishment! :D


ps. my mom [fun old new] told me about this contest and i will be sure to tweet it :)


greenbeanbaby at

Olivia said...

I once bounced back from a gnarly hangover in less then 5 hours and then went bowling.

OK, lets see:
I collected sand from over 35 countries. I had friends, when they traveled, pick up sand in their film canisters (remember film canisters?). I then displayed them in testubes.

Messy endeavor and i lost half of them in my hasty move to Oakland.

Anonymous said...

When I went to see my mom in the rehab center, I also made "friends" with the little old ladies. One in particular, Barbara, looked like she had had a stroke but she was so nice. On my last visit, I took one of mom's gazillion stuffed animals from the house (it WAS Valentine's weekend) and on my way out, I went over to Barbara and gave it to her. It made her day!! She was eager for some excitement--the stupid rehab center was making the seniors watch tennis . . . great way to put them in an early grave!! Que boring. Anyway, a little white teddy bear with a heart stuffed with some polyfill love? All for you Barbara!! --Devi

Miss RM said...

How about a future accomplishment? If I win the ring mold, I will make THIS!

Charles Purdy said...

I traveled on the Eastern Orient Express (between Singapore and Bangkok). It was an ultra-glamorous "Golden Age of Travel" experience. But the best part was that Delta Burke of TV's "Designing Women" was also traveling on this train. Delta and I chatted over formal tea one afternoon (she is very sweet!), somewhere in Malaysia -- the train stalled in the steamy jungle ... black tea and butter cookies ... monkeys cavorting right outside the window ... Delta Burke laughing at my witty repartee.... It was one of those perfect experiences.

elvia said...
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elvia said...

elvia said...
last year i told myself to switch day purses at least twice a wk and i did it!!!! all my purses thanked me for it! they were so jealous of my suburban country lady purse stealing the show everyday!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Man alive...all of the answers are SO good! I'm going to say rescuing three kitties in the past four months. Well, one had to go to kitty heaven but he was still rescued from a horrible life. Now, I'm a downer..but yay! kitties! And I don't have Cat Scratch Fever OR fleas yet!

I love the smell of Turtle Wax. Not to guilt you into including it for the winner or anything...

Sparkleneely said...

ALL of the answers are stupendous! I wish I could give you ALL prizes, but I will put all your names on little slips of paper and choose one.

But even better than a Jell-Ring mold... Doesn't it feel wonderful to feel Accomplished?


Anonymous said...

Olivia's first accomplishment was actually pretty admirable, I gotta say.

Let's see... when I was in 4th grade, I managed to play the recorder so well that I was chosen to solo in our class's rendition of the LA Olympics theme song during an assembly that year. I saw my mom cry in the audience.

That's an accomplishment, right?


Onegarcia74 said...

Ditched the corporate heels to presue a dream in the arts. Three years and still dreaming and growing.

Anonymous said...

i followed my errant (aka "batshit") heart to san francisco and have never looked back.

Wilthomer said...

GREAT blog, I was directed here by Carlos Perez via FB, excellent stuff! I've added you to my "reading list"!

Dead Cow Girl said...

I've survived the cold my toddler gave me. This? Seriously my biggest accomplishment this year so far.

That is how exciting my life is these days. It used to be filled with loud bands and fancy dinners and spy like intrigue. Now? It's filled with snot.

Although - I did manage to make it to the post office WITH the aforementioned snot and mail out the give away I did on my blog last week.

So there is that.

*heart* your blog btw and I think Andy should win because that is a GREAT story!

Eartha Kitsch said...

p.s. LOVE your new blog layout!

Jennye Garibaldi said...

I started a FABULOUS Mid-Century Supper Club with this AMAZING girlfriend of mine. Our little club now has dozens (hundreds?) of members from all over the country...and all over the world! Big pat on the back to me and said AMAZING FABULOUS girlfriend for bringing people together with old cookbooks and aspic. Pat, pat.

Kitsch and Curious said...

Just been discovering your blog - I love it!

I think my biggest accomplishment last year was having an art exhibition in a 'real' art gallery for the first time. Very exciting and a bit scary!

As I'm in the UK, I don't need to be entered for the giveaway, but I thought I'd play along anyway!

Victoria said...

I started my very own blog about meeting my physical accomplishments in one year. I even posted my current weight! I dont think anyone reads it, but I never thought I would actually do it!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog all over again. I know it's late February, but Way to kick off the New Year! I enjoyed reading each and every comment.
Carlos, you almost made me cry. And I was happy to witness Olivia's speedy recovery first hand. :)
My biggest accomplishment this year was getting out of bed yesterday morning after an awesome holiday weekend of overindulgence in Tahoe...
Then motivating myself to go to the gym for the first time this year after work.
I'm going tonight too. Please pray I can keep it up. ~Irene O.

larajanepark said...

ok karen, here you go:

I sorted bakelite silverware with Martha Stewart's daughter on Melissa Neufeld's living room floor when I was twenty.

Then I had 3 kids, made quilts, got some (quilts) published, and went to Paris and England to be fancy.

But I think one of the best accomplishments is that I have been friends with you for 32 years!!!

love you to the moon girlie.

Sparkleneely said...

Ohhh, I am LOVING reading all these Accomplishments! Each and every one of you have so much to be proud of... You're ALL so fabulous!


Katie said...

My accomplisment was finishing my disseration! That sucker was hard! I never thought i would be able to do it so im very proud of myself, marks come back next week! Wish me luck!

go_minx said...

I dropped out of my life to go back to school as a 'mature student' and graduated from college at 42. With any luck, I'll finish my masters in June.
Oh! And I worked briefly as a Buffalo Gal for Malcolm McClaren (oh the things we do for an All Access Clash tour pass) and I've met all the living members of the Sex Pistols!

Michelle Richmond said...

I'm from Alabama, and I happen to know a thing or two about meat jello. that's right, jello with the meat floating inside. It may not be an accomplishment per se, but I like to think it sets me apart from the masses.

carrieswing said...

Yay - I'm not the only one who'se made meat Jell-O? AWESOME! OK I have to admit, I have also made Tuna Jell-O, and Shrimp Jell-O. ALL GROSS AS HECK! But amusing...

Unknown said...

My accomplishment is entering a contest to win a jell-o mold

jjermano said...

Once upon a time there was a little boy who liked to teach himself how to cook. He made many exciting and fabulous dishes such as beef stroganoff, turkey a la king, and even a delicious tomato-beef aspic using his mommy's brand new Tupperwear ring mold. Now at the ripe old age of 48 he would love to try a Clamato horseradish cream cheese ring! And to bring world peace through better snacking.

Oliver said...

I faked my way into a posh suite at the classy New York St Regis last summer with phony business cards, pretending to be a Financial Advisor with a big investment banking firm! I told them I had a corporate account and printed a bunch of business cards with a fake address (a recently bankrupt restaurant!) and my name on them, then got suited up to look the part and walked up to concierge to check in. When the woman asked me how I was doing, I told her I was having an awful weekend and that I had flown into the city for a business conference and had my walet pickpocketed on the train that morning, and had lost all of my credit cards, passport and US dollars! I told her I may still have some piece of ID in my luggage though... I always travel with extra business cards (ha!) and she checked me in at 1/3 the rack rate and sent a complimentary bottle of champagne up to my room with a note saying that she hopes the remainder of the weekend will get better - it sure did!! For 3 nights I was living like the Marx Bros. in Room Service haha, we even had a knock on the door and upon opening, were greeted by a polish woman who introduced herself as our Private
Butler! Whenever we stepped out of the room for one second (open the door and place a toe onto the hallway carpet) we would spin around and find a full tray of fancy cheeses, chocolates, cured meats, fruits and assorted tea bags that were delivered multiple times daily! One night I asked the concierge to reserve us a table at a restaurant in Tribeca, and when we came downstairs to hail a cab, he offered us a complimentary Roll Royce 'house car' to be chauffered to dinner!!! All this for what we would've paid at some lego stacked Four Points Sheraton thank to the sharpest sham of the century!

Aimée Goggins said...

Yes indeedy, the blog looks fabulous! I hate exercising in the heat, yet I recently survived an extremely rigorous 90 minute hot yoga class (not Bikram, but may has well have been...). If I hadn't already paid I probably would've walked out. And at the end of it all? I felt good! Really good. And accomplished.

fred eagle said...

I figured out how to navigate through the Googies to leave a comment. Super accomplishment!
...and I can drink 20 Chelada tallboys in 20 minutes.
...and my word verification is "mawanobs"

Love you, retardo.

Susan Hult said...

I am currently feeling very unaccomplished. But I managed to post before the end of the contest using my dang phone, so that has to count for something. Xoxo

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