Saturday, April 24, 2010


Good God, how is it almost MAY? The year is halfway over, and I have yet to win a contest (and I even entered one!) or update my blog.

Oh, but I will. You should just SEE my accomplishments. For example:

I have worn a different outfit every day for over 30 days. Yes, I did. It's mostly in order to justify the junk I have in my closet, to break out of my jeans and tee shirt rut, and to make sure I don't buy any more clothes. Clearly I have too many.

I have done the Wii Fit exactly 3 times all year. It reprimands me when I step on the power board, so I'm scared of it. And I've gained 5 pounds.

I just burned the roof of my mouth by eating a too hot fried egg. Sigh.

Actually, there is one that I've been working on in earnest, so stay tuned! (And thanks for staying with me if you have. xoxo)