Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raising Money for a Charity Redux

Hi all,

Two weeks from today, I will be putting on super ugly but functional sporty type shoes, an outfit that will include some sort of fleece material, and a crown, and walking 6 miles through Golden Gate Park.  Trust me, I would not put on sporty type shoes for just ANY occasion, no way -- I'm doing it to raise money for the 2012 SF AIDS Walk.

It's a cause that is near and to dear my heart, and I vowed years ago that I would keep walking until there was a cure.  This year is no exception, but sadly donations are way down which is so hard -- people's lives depend of the SF AIDS' Foundation's services, and without this fundraising, a lot of people will suffer and go without.  I hate to think of that happening to any of my -- or yours, or anyone's -- loved ones.  Which is why I walk.  The story behind it all is one of my favorite posts, and you can read it here

I am humbly asking for donations again this year -- every little bit counts. I, and the SF AIDS Foundation and the people it serves, would greatly appreciate it.  I know times are still tight, and it seems like every five minutes we're all getting requests to donate money to save a million animals from certain death, fund art projects and sabbaticals, sponsor people's cousin's daughter's best friends cancer treatments or cakewalks, help soldiers and small businesses, fund firefighters and food banks... It's so overwhelming and the barrage getting more difficult to deal with -- I totally understand.  (Sucker that I am, more often than not, I do donate.  I figure I can skip 2 cocktails out at a bar and help someone eat for a week or get medical care.  And it makes me feel good and not hungover the next day.  Still, it's way overwhelming and it feels like constantly being clobbered over the head, I know.) 

But if you can find it in your heart (and wallet) to sponsor me, that would be wonderful.  I am so grateful to those who have already donated -- much love and good karma to you all.  And if you want big love and good karma, my link is here -- Karen's donation page.

Thank you, thank you...  Sister Tuna Noodle and I totally appreciate it.