Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey ya'll, Remember my last post? About contests? Well, today I just want to write a quick post and say thank you for helping my friend Eartha with the Biggest Accomplishment EVER: THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Eartha and Jack got the most votes in the Kozy Shack contest, and now The Pudding Patrol is coming to their house, which is a prize in ITSELF. And then they get to choose an envelope and it could have ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN IT -- which means that Nashville will get an animal shelter! (See what good people they are? If I won a million dollars, I'd buy shoes and old furniture and name brand hairspray instead of the cheap stuff and junk like that.)

I am so excited for my friends, and so excited that I happen to be in their hometown tonight and get to celebrate with them! So wherever you are, raise a glass, eat some pudding, and pat yourselves on the backs and know that I am so thankful to all of you for helping my friends' dream come true. YAY!!!



Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi everybody!

Okay, you know how it was my New Year's Resolution to win a contest? Guess what. I DID!!!

I entered a Batter Blaster contest! Have you ever heard of Batter Blaster? It's AWESOME -- Organic pancake mix in a CAN. (A recyclable can, FYI.) I know that sounds gross, but I swear, it isn't. It's DELICIOUS. And it keeps winning prizes for innovation and tastiness... and the best part? You can FINALLY make decent Mickey Mouse pancakes. (Personally, I prefer stars.)

star pancake

So I won a Batter Blaster Party pack: coupons for delicious Batter Blaster (it's refrigerated, so it's not like they can send cans), Batter Blaster tee shirts for the whole family, aprons, hats, balloons and magnets. I was stoked! Check them out:

Batter Blaster!

They even have a cute theme song. I heart Batter Blaster!

But here is something I heart even more, and is way important. My dear friend Eartha Kitsch has entered a contest for Kozy Shack Pudding. If she wins, the PUDDING PATROL COMES TO HER HOUSE. Which is super awesome. But what's even MORE awesome and inspiring is that if she wins the grand prize of A MILLION DOLLARS (to be said in a Dr. Evil tone of voice), she is opening an animal shelter in Nashville, TN. Here are her words:

Today, I read this on our neighborhood internet board and feel so sad. I am amazed and so glad that the lady stopped to save the pup as so many people would never get involved. ...At the same time, I am so saddened by constantly hearing of these stories in my city - and all over. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to ...please vote for us as often as you can. If we can win the grand prize of a million dollars, we can start our animal rescue and do so much good for the animals that need us. Here is the post that I am referring to:

"I am an elementary school teacher and today as I was leaving school, I saw two boys beating a puppy. They were holding her by her tail and hitting her with their fists and sticks. I immediately got out of my car, yelled at the boys and took the puppy. She has no tags and has obviously not been cared for. Sheis a lab with white around her neck and on her nose. She
is very good natured and playful! I honestly can NOT keep this
puppy. I already have a dog and live in a tiny place
for a puppy! If anyone wants a puppy or is willing to help find her a
home, please let me know!!!! Thanks!"

Not only do the circumstances of that poor pup sadden me but also what must be going on in the lives of those children. It's well proven that children who harm animals quite often grow up to harm people as well. With all of my heart, I want to be able to have the funding to get out there and not only rescue and find homes for the abandoned and abused animals but also, it would be such a great service to try and set up a program to talk to children about animal cruelty.

I feel kind of weird asking for votes this way but reading that post fueled my desire to be able to help - and in a big way. Thanks y'all. Eartha

So please vote for Eartha! there are only 3 days left, and you can vote each day -- and for every vote, Kozy Shack donates ten cents to The National Coalition For Women With Heart Disease. So just one click a day helps so many... and YOU feel ACCOMPLISHED!

Please vote for Eartha, won't you?

Earthakitch Kozy Shack!

And honestly, she DOES have the best photo:


Thanks, everybody!

But seriously, I'm STILL waiting for Ed McMahon. Sigh.