Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Whoo HOO!!! HAPPY 2010!!! PAR-TAY!

Whoops. I'm even a little late for that. Geez, we've even had another holiday since then, aka High Holy Day, aka Elvis Presley's Birthday. It would have been his 75th. And I was totally hoping that The Cosmos would have aligned and by some fluke this would have been my 75th blog post and we all could have freaked out and said, "No way!" but... not even close. Sigh. Sorry, Elvis. I haven't been TCB-ing. (That would be "Takin' Care of Business," one of Elvis's mottoes and many a tattoo and tacky jeweled medallion.)

This photo is astounding and I don't know what it has to do with this entry, but when I googled "TCB" this is what came up. I mean THIS is serious business being taken care of. Elvis, Jack Lord, and some lady in a crazy, fabulous outfit. From the great wfmu blog:

So yeah, it is that time of year to make resolutions, and I made 3:

1. To win a contest (Any contest, preferably no purchase or skill needed)
2. To update the blog more
3. I already forgot the third one, because that was 9 days ago.

I'm at the point in my blog where I actually have to PLAN stuff. I can't just wake up and do #71, Understand How A Farm Works. I need to find a farm. (And no, I don't mean Boone's Farm Wine. I already learned how it works in college: open bottle, drink, tell everyone you love them and offer people sips, barf, wake up the next day and vow never to drink again... on a Tuesday night during Finals.) I have to FIND a Mountain To Climb (#47). And I have to (#83) Learn Basic Car Maintenance super fast, because my rear tire has a slow leak and I've been too cheap to buy a new tire, and I don't think that's wise. (I suppose I will find out, hmmm?) There is just so much to do, and alll I've been doing is this:

Season's Greetings!

That's right. I got Snuggie-fied for Christmas. It's a dangerous. cozy, cozy thing. The main Accomplishment, once you are Snuggied, is to get from the couch to kitchen without tripping and falling and breaking your teeth.

But I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am still dedicated and will be posting in the new year. After all, the book is called "97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School," right? And high school is 4 years long. I've got PLENTY of time. I didn't want to be an old acquaintance you all forgot and never brought to mind or on your blog list and all that Auld Lang Syne stuff.

And I wanted to wish you all a happy, happy new year and I look forward to "seeing" you all in 2010!