Saturday, April 24, 2010


Good God, how is it almost MAY? The year is halfway over, and I have yet to win a contest (and I even entered one!) or update my blog.

Oh, but I will. You should just SEE my accomplishments. For example:

I have worn a different outfit every day for over 30 days. Yes, I did. It's mostly in order to justify the junk I have in my closet, to break out of my jeans and tee shirt rut, and to make sure I don't buy any more clothes. Clearly I have too many.

I have done the Wii Fit exactly 3 times all year. It reprimands me when I step on the power board, so I'm scared of it. And I've gained 5 pounds.

I just burned the roof of my mouth by eating a too hot fried egg. Sigh.

Actually, there is one that I've been working on in earnest, so stay tuned! (And thanks for staying with me if you have. xoxo)


Megan said...

I'm still here. :)

Michelle said...

Me too! Your posts are worth waiting for my friend.

John Michael said...

Just thought your readers might like to know about People of Public Transit in San Fran.


erika said...

Our poor Wii Fit sits in its box, waiting for us to move some day. With all the complaining going on with neighbors, I think using it, as a top floor resident, could be a ticket to eviction!