Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reading is Fabulous and Fundamental.

Reading is cool. Check it out:

Bowie reads.

The Beatles read.

La Liz reads.

Monty reads.

Winona reads.

Hipsters read.

Marilyn reads "Leaves of Grass."

So does Lisa Simpson.

(All images from the amazing Tumblr blog Awesome People Reading)

And YOU can be as cool as these people by checking out my last post, and entering to win the contest! The prize is a SIGNED edition of Lynn Peril's Swimming in the Steno Pool! All you need to do is leave a comment of one of your favorite books you've read lately (or ever), and you're automatically entered. I'll pick the winner January 12th. Click here to enter!

Reading really is fundamental and fabulous.


larajanepark said...

I love you miss finlay blogger :)

Sparkleneely said...

And I love YOU, miss lara ann aka larajanepark blogger! I knew you'd like the picture of MM... MM always reminds me of driving around in Traecy's MG, with scarves, champagne, and Marilyn on cassette. ;) xoxoxo

Ancient Egyptian Art said...

Good and another post from you admin :)