Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Accomplishment for YOU: shop for a great cause!

I have a post halfway written, but wanted to share something with you first, so that YOU, TOO, can Accomplish Greatness.

My dear, darling friend Eartha Kitsch just lost her sweet kitty Saki to kidney failure. She's heartbroken, of course, as I was when I lost my beloved BeBe to the same disease in June last year. But where I couldn't even think about cats in general, Eartha has turned around and proven that she is a much better soul than I am, and that's why I love her so.

From now until March 1st, 100% of all proceeds from her wonderful Etsy shop will go to benefit a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter in Saki's memory. The shelter is the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, where Eartha's friend volunteers.

Here's a little sampling of not only Eartha's Etsy shop but of her perfect photostream:

Original here: With Love for our Furry Friends

(And check out the rest of her photostream, too. It is, hands down, one of the best things in the whole wide world wide web.)

And here is her Etsy Shop!earthakitsch

Did you see those valentines? They are the cutest EVER, even cuter than the ones we made with doilies in kindergarten.

And if you're a bah-love-humbug but feel like you should do something for this cause, my birthday's coming up:scary scary bunnies I secretly long for

She wrote to me, "I'm really excited about the shelter fund. I just wanted to do something...anything...to put back out into the universe thanks for giving her to us. I miss her like oxygen...that's the truth."

So it's a win-win situation. YOU get to shop and buy either Eartha's original creations or found goodies, and the animals get care and love, too.

And that's an Accomplishment.


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Dane said...

I'm all choked up. Eartha is the best of us, isn't she?

Megan said...

I will check it out!