Friday, September 19, 2008

Wait'll You See My Widget!

See to the left? It says FOLLOWERS? I added that! It's a widget! It makes my blog FANCY!

And thank you to the lovely spokesmodel Dane, who is my only follower. But she's actually a leader. Because you, too, could potentially click where it says "Follow This Blog" and join Dane in the whirlwind o' fun you get here at 97 Things To Do Before I Turn 97.

And speaking of that name... maybe I did not choose so wisely. Because I just discovered not long ago that I do, actually, get comments sent to my email, but because of the weird title I never see them. They all wind up in my junk inbox, along with SPAM that promises to get me out of debt, mysterious messages written in Russian, cheap viagra, and many, many ways to enhance certain body parts I do not possess (but my recent favorite aphorism was "Trade Your Banana for a Steel Pole!"). Who knew?

But anyway, since widget reminds me of Gidget, and that's one of my favorite TV show/ movie/ book series, I leave you with this in honor:


Dane said...

Whee! I'm a spokesmodel, and a lovely leader! This is why I enjoy coming here, Karen - you are so complimentary! :D

I <3 Gidge, by the way.

Sparkleneely said...

Lady, it's the truth. :)