Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Love this.


I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! I myself have not done any of the crazy hi-jinks I used to do in the days of old, thanks to being sick the week before this grand holiday. And, well, thanks to being kinda old. TP-ing sounds awful, as does doing shots with spooky names, and I don't find sexy zombie costumes sexy. But hey, this is coming from someone who is dressing up for work as Little Edie Beale from "Grey Gardens," so only about 4 people there will know who I am. The rest will think that I am a crazy homeless lady clutching a bag of Wonder Bread. Sigh.

In any case, this is an Accomplishment because I've wanted to be Little Edie for so many years and I haven't done it which is stupid because it's the one costume where I don't have to buy anything, except the aforementioned Wonder Bread. However, last year I was Zombie Tupperware Lady which wasn't sexy but it was kind of AWESOME:

And to revisit the ghosts of Halloweens past, please click here.

Have a fantastic Halloween, everyone... And you have my full permission to trick anyone who hands out toothbrushes and/or little boxes of raisins. UGH.

Huurrrrryyyy baaaaaack! Huuuurrryyy baaaaaack!!!


Supermod said...

The rumors are true! You are back!

And I LOVED your Edie costume! Lookin' forward to reading more!

Sparkleneely said...

It's true! I'm back! And I'll be posting more, just you wait and see! (Besides, I LOVE seeing the email notification that someone commented on the blog. So thanks for making my morning, SUPERMOD!!!)

Ancient Egyptian Art said...

Good and another post from you admin :)