Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary... errr, Blog-iversary to me!

Yes, I know, hard to believe, but this week marks my one year anniversary into the world of blogspot. I am SO tooting my own horn:

nicked from mademoiselle therese's amazing Corbis Flickr set

So one year ago, I hunkered down and wrote this. I had a plan -- I was going to do an Accomplishment a week and kick some serious bootay. I was going to be an Accomplishment Machine! Naps and inertia were to be things of the past. Every spare moment was going to be spent Making Podcasts (#49), Joining a Political Campaign (#69), and Taking Care of a Houseplant (#81). (Podcast: Uh, not done yet. Political Campaign: Check. Houseplant: Uhhh, I didn't want to tell you guys, but I killed it. I am still ravaged with guilt. Sort of.) If everything had gone according to plan, I'd be sitting pretty with 52 Accomplishments right now, but instead, I'm at 35. Which, actually, is pretty surprising.

I know myself -- I figured that I would get aaaalll excited, be super into it, and then procrastinate and let it lag and die an unspectacular death (and it came dangerously close to that), much like my livejournal and myspace accounts. But oddly enough, that hasn't happened. Okay, so procrastination and naps and inertia are still a very big part of my life, but so is this blog.

Part of the reason I've kept it going is because of scary Google Analytics -- thanks to that, I know that there have been 11,075 views in the past year (I think at least 10,000 are from me checking the blog roll and seeing if I have any comments, because I chose such a stupid name that all emails go straight to my junk filter), the average time on the site is 1:38 (most visits read 0:00), and the bounce rate is 81% (which, apparently, is not good but I don't even know what that MEANS). As somewhat creepy as Google Analytics is, it has made me realize that people out there are reading it -- I may be doing the most clicking, but I am not in Bangalore, India, and someone from there read it for seventeen whole seconds.

But another reason, and a good one: I love it. I love Accomplishing Things, especially Accomplishing Things I should have done over two decades ago. I am so lazy and scattered that having an actual list that I can cross off makes me feel totally organized, even if I haven't put the new tags that I got in the mail three weeks ago on my car. And I love sitting down and writing and actually having some structure -- when left to my own devices, I can barely think of anything to Twitter. (And, well, there's the procrastination, and I JUST got THIS as I was writing this, so that's kinda spooky.) Just writing something is an Accomplishment for me, so it's Double-Whammy Goodness.

But here's the best part -- I have "met" the coolest people, found the most fabulous blogs, learned all sorts of new and wonderful stuff, have the best entertainment to read every day, all thanks to starting this blog. Lots of stuff has happened over the past year, and I have gotten such support and kind comments, and I appreciate that. And I am so grateful and shocked that I have over 100 Followers. Now THAT I never, ever would have expected, and I am tickled.

In fact I am tickled PINK, and to commemorate that and its one year anniversary, I am redecorating the blog. The polka dots were cute for a year, but so blogger-y and I have had serious blog envy each time I look at anyone else's. I wish I knew how to make a fancy banner, but I think this is enough for one day. And come on, pink is so glamorous. Just ask Zsa Zsa Gabor!!!

Listen to Zsa Zsa, daaahlinks! Sparkleneely loves you!

Anyway, thanks so much, everyone, for reading this blog, for motivating and inspiring me, and welcoming me into the Blogosphere.

Now go Accomplish something. I am going to eat some Cheez-Its and lay on the couch.



Dane said...

Phenomenal! Congratulations, darling! You are one Accomplished woman. And this blog - it is always such a good read - fascinating, funny, touching, sometimes heartbreaking.

You are the bee's knees. We love you!

Gigi Lachapelle said...

Hey I read your blog!! You're making Gramma Patsy PROUD with the pink!!!!!!!

Kathryn Doyle said...

Congratulations! Happy first blogoversary. Now that I know you are a serious procrastinator I will just have to corner you into setting a date far in the future to meet at the library. We have "First Free Saturdays" the first of every month. What are you doing on October 3, 2009?

Delinquent said...

Hey, save some of those Cheez-It's for me!! We've both been sitting on our butts all day, but at least you did a blog entry...

Congrats on one year, hopefully you'll write that blockbuster novel soon. I love you!!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You go girl. You're the best, I hope you keep blogging forever!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I am happy to have "met" you as well. Although since we both know someone (Skorpeo) in real life we might (?!) have met anyway. It's funny about blogging: I've wanted to quit many times and still consider disappearing when I get the mean reds but I just can't let go! I tried Facebook for exactly one day and just couldn't love it.

The Sardonicist said...

yay!! congrats!! your blogs have brightened many of my days, and sometimes, left me laughing hard enough to worry my co-workers. you da best!!

Sparkleneely said...

Dane -- Thank you, honey! And right back atcha. See? You're one of the best "things" this blog has wrought. And thanks to you, my music collection is FABULOUS! xoxo

Gigi Dahling -- I am so thrilled that I have done something to make Gramma Patsy proud. I am now going to go put some stuffed animals in a cage!!! xoxo

Kathryn -- I am putting it on the calendar, and that's final! :)

I love you more every day, "Delinquent." Thank you.

Dr. Monkey -- you're the best, too! And you make sure you never stop blogging... and I need your address because I got you some swag!!!

Tessa -- don't you DARE let go! To me, you're almost like family, because your brother was the best wedding date ever. And I love your blog (my recent favorite was the antique store post), so you MUST keep it up!

Skorpeo -- I love ya, you know that, right? And I owe you a gossipy email. I miss you, buddy! xoxo

Thanks, all -- you ROCK!!! xoxoxo

Parlour Guy said...

Well done on your first year. And thanks for the link over to my post!

Onward and upwards for a wonderful second year.

David Eedle

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! It's been wonderful getting to know you better via the blog!

Ricky Shambles said...

Congrats! Brilliant to be connected online to someone who, like me, has way more going on than time to get it going. I'm even starting a new Twitter project tomorrow. Sheesh!

Happy anniversary!

Kim @ The Girl Can't Help It said...

I'm sadly OCD-ish about checking Google Analytics too, and also checking my followers. I've been stuck at a lowly, pathetic, and cheesetastic 58. So I suck way harder than you do and disappoint my readers even harder. The end.

Now don't you feel more awesome? 'Cuz you are! And congrats on the one year!

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